Labour stealing John Palino’s policies but not giving him credit

Reading this article I had a flashback to the Auckland 2016 campaign. It sounded like John Palino’s campaign running for major so I did a search and found this article – almost exactly the same policy.

The strange thing is that not only did Labour not campaign to do this but prior to Labour getting in but we were told it was up to the mayor to come up with a plan for Auckland. National said it had funds to help Auckland with its plans but Auckland was procrastinating, no clear plans, no clear vision. I find Auckland’s failings frustrating as I liked John Palino’s plans and I didn’t mind having higher rates for John’s plans. The frustrating thing is Phil campaigned that he would raise rates by no more than 2.5% yet is now saying he’ll have to break that promise despite regional petrol tax and less services of council when they soon implement their pay per pick up for rubbish so what we are paying does increase even if it wasn’t under the heading of rates rise

Reading through Geoff’s promises was surprisingly creepy because it now seems Labour are coming through letting him have regional petrol tax and other things that just match Labour perfectly. My issue with petrol tax paying for this is it attacks people who have to use their cars to go to work. We shouldn’t be taxing people for going to work. Some people are lucky enough to work from home or find a job close to home but some people spend a long time in their congested cars traveling to and from work each day and that sucks. I have a family member who’s jobs moved locations, branch at South Auckland and one at North Shore so as manager he has to go between the two sites – and as it moved from central Auckland that’s where his child’s daycare is and no point changing as that is near family for emergencies – like traffic – it wasn’t his choice for his work to move yet he spends piles of time in traffic so why should his petrol costs increase for him to do his job? Trucks will just pass added costs to the consumer. Like Phil says, Auckland has the most people so Auckland pays the most GST so why are we taxing people for going to work?

Anyway, I’m glad we’re going down the path of satellite cities but it must be a real kick to Palino to have no one buy into his plan while he was running for mayor and now the government are stealing his policy and now Phil Geoff will be implementing it plus one of his other rivals, Chloe in the Green Party – neither of whom stood up and said it was a great idea when John was printing it. 

John Palino, you should be leading our city. You had a great vision and I believe that you would have done a better job of implementing it than the current lot. Thank you John Palino for your vision and ideas which seem like they will be the driving force behind Auckland’s future.

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