A baby’s life in the balance for a political fight

Is there anything Trump isn’t responsible for? According to the media, a child’s life is now in danger due to his executive order. http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/americas/89106622/trumps-executive-order-barred-iranian-baby-in-need-of-heart-surgery. Baby Fatemeh is four months old and has been diagnosed with a heart condition and hospitals in Iran where she was born are not equipped to perform the operation so her parents planned to bring her to the USA to get the surgery done. They have family already in the US. The executive order blocking visas being issued for 7 countries over the next 90 days means Fatemeh cannot come to the US as she is an Iranian citizen.

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People from the ‘banned’ countries

The current news situation is a joke. The media have an agenda. They are supposed to report the facts to us and we can interpret them how we choose. At present they create biased stories and right now I am scared of all the propaganda we are reading. People need to think about everything they read. Digest it. The writer always has an agenda. I don’t expect people to agree with everything I write, but I want to offer an alternative viewpoint because I’m sick of the biased nature of the news today.

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