UK Government needs to stop sending aid to India. This is absolute madness. India has said on numerous occasions they don’t want the money. Why is the UK still sending them money? The NHS is crumbling, mostly due to the extra pressure put on it by the EU’s huge increase in immigrants, why are the UK not putting money into their health system?

India has a space program. Right now they are probably doing better than the UK. Sure there are a lot of slums in India, but India is a land of extremes. They have the very rich and the very poor and whilst I would hate to live in a country where the difference between the haves and the have nots is so extreme, the way the Indian government spends their money is their decision. Giving them more money is not going to help those very poor because they are going to put it towards their interests, which seems to be right now a space program.

I can’t understand some governments. They have their people crying out for help with over crowded hospitals, overcrowded schools, huge housing costs and yet they are giving money to a country that have said they don’t need it. Spend it on your own people, or if they insist on giving aid away maybe they need to look at being involved in something that helps the Syrian people stay in their own area rather than them coming across to Europe where in a lot of ways their culture clashes with the European beliefs. Rather than feeling like aliens in a new land, working towards finding a solution to keep refugees safe in their own land would make more sense than having them invade Europe. The UK needs to totally review their spending. They seem to have their priorities very screwed up.

Illegal immigrants are illegal by definition.

The media has open season on President Trump. Their latest upset statement is that the American president is arresting illegal immigrants even though they haven’t done anything illegal But hold on Daily Mail, aren’t illegal immigrants by definition criminals because they have broken the law? Hint: The word illegal. If you have entered, or overstayed, in a country illegally then it is perfectly reasonable for the country which you are in illegally to deport you. Here is a definition of the word illegal for anyone who is confused, not according to or authorised by law.

Yes, the problem the media has with Trump today is that he is deporting people who are in the country illegally. My only complaint about this is why did they let so many people get into and stay in their country illegally for so long in the first place? If the media should be complaining about anyone it is previous governments who failed to uphold their laws. I’m shocked that the US has hundreds of thousand illegal immigrants. In New Zealand employers get in trouble for hiring people who are in the country illegally. They should start prosecuting employers too, the money raised from prosecuting those who gave them the ability to stay in the country illegally could help fund deporting all the illegals.

I’m pretty sure all countries (except those in the EU who currently seem to have lost the plot) deport people who are in their country illegally. This is not an anti-immigration thing to do, it is the right thing to do. The reason it is the right thing to do is because there are other people who go through the process legally and doing things legally is often costly and takes time. Ignoring those who enter illegally just encourages bad behaviour. I don’t know what criteria America requires to issue a work permit but in New Zealand they check that you can speak English, don’t have a criminal record, have funds to support your stay, are in good health and that they have the skills that New Zealanders are short on so they are not taking jobs from New Zealanders. I don’t see a problem with countries having these standards for entry into their countries and I don’t understand why anyone would have an issue with those who break the law of a country and try and bypass their system and act illegally being deported. It is the right thing to do.

I might not agree with everything Trump does but getting rid of those who should not even be in your country in the first place is the fairest thing for American citizens and those who want to move to America that are going through the legal channels. The media are wrong to disagree with a policy that is only correcting the failings of past American administrations.

Shidu parents are not the responsibility of the NZ government.

When Christchurch had its earthquake in February 2011 it was a devastating event in New Zealand’s history. 185 people died. Many buildings were damaged, one collapsed completely, this was the Canterbury Television Building and this is where a large number of the earthquake victims died. It was an absolutely heartbreaking event and the whole country, and a lot of the world, felt the pain of the Christchurch people who were left with damaged buildings, homes, lost people, injured people, lost livelihoods, severe liquefaction and ongoing aftershocks – many of them quite large. Christchurch is still recovering from these devastating earthquakes six years on, It is an event that will never be forgotten by New Zealanders and that will be forever in the history books of our country for the devastation and heartache it caused.

I feel for anyone who lost loved ones in the earthquake. Their loss from this act of nature was huge. However, I do not believe it is the government’s responsibility to pay for the parents of the deceased as claimed by Shidu parent’s in this article The earthquake was no one’s fault and whilst investigations are ongoing as to why this building collapsed, it does not change the fact that it fell because of an earthquake. Investigation reports show that things did go wrong, however, had there been no earthquake it wouldn’t have collapsed. In September the previous year, there had been an even stronger earthquake and the building hadn’t collapsed, so it was of a very high standard. Those questioning whether criminal charges should be laid are being very unfair. Any investigation is about making sure changes to construction take place to protect future buildings from collapse. It is a painful lesson but we learn from heartbreaking events such as this so we don’t let the same thing happen again. In the case of an earthquake there are no guarantees a building won’t fall. Learning to make improvements to building standards will likely never have a 100% guarantee that it won’t happen again, but it is important to try and learn what went wrong to save from heartache from future events, however it will never bring back those who were lost in this incident.

The Shidu parents of the children lost in the New Zealand earthquake are asking for more assistance from the New Zealand government. Shidu parents are parents who lost their only child. Under the Chinese policy people were only allowed to have one child and whilst that has now been lifted to two children, it comes too late for many families who lost their only child when they were too old to have more children. In Chinese culture the children are expected to pay for their parents in their retirement years. Some Chinese children died in the Christchurch earthquake when the building where they were studying English collapsed. Their parents are now suffering hardship because they were depending on their old child supporting them. I can’t understand when you are from a culture where you are only allowed one child and when you are relying on that one child to provide for you in your retirement why you wouldn’t take out a life insurance policy on your children. There are more than a million Shidu families in China and these people generally face financial hardship. Insuring their children to protect them financially seems like a no-brainer to me. It is the Chinese government that expects the children to provide for the parent’s retirement so the Chinese government should either take responsibility for the Shidu

Insuring their children to protect them financially seems like a no-brainer to me. It is the Chinese government that expects the children to provide for the parent’s retirement so the Chinese government should either take responsibility for the Shidu parents, or be advising them to take insurance out to protect themselves in retirement should something happen to their only child. China’s one child policy is the Chinese government’s decision. China’s policy that requires children to look after their parents in retirement is China’s policy. The New Zealand government provides its citizens with a pension at age 65 and they supply their healthcare. That is the way New Zealand does things. Campaign your own government to pay now that your children have died. Don’t expect the New Zealand citizens to pay. We have to pay for our own and I don’t mind paying because the generation we paid for, paid for the generation before. It’s fair because everyone pays. The Chinese system where it basically depends on the luck of having a healthy child, a child that is successful at school, gets a good job and a child that outlives you is the Chinese way. If they have an issue they need to speak to their own government. The cost of the Christchurch earthquake has been hugely expensive for New Zealanders. There are huge medical costs for people who were injured, benefits to families where the parent died and now the parents need additional family help, infrastructure improvements, rebuilding of public areas, the list goes on. The New Zealand government has had enough to pay for that it is responsible for, it is not responsible to provide for the parents of the people who died in the earthquake.

They claim as parents they were dependents of their deceased children and believe the Western definition of the term discriminates against Chinese traditions. The earthquake happened in a Western country, so Western definitions of dependents are what counts. The same way when I go to China their definitions of how things work is what matters. It is not discrimination but a fact as to how things work in this country. People from China have no say as to how the New Zealand government runs the country, just as New Zealanders have no say on how China is run, so if they need assistance, they need to talk to their government, not the New Zealand one. The very next paragraph after they say how desperate they are for government assistance they say they want open-ended visas to be able to enter New Zealand as often as they want. I would be quite happy for extended visas to happen, as long as they can get medical cover for any medical incidents, it seems like a fair request, but presently it has been declined. Kind of contradicts that they are struggling financially though, the flight from China to New Zealand a lot of money.

They claim, “This is not good behaviour for government”, yet it is their government who is not providing for them in their old age, the New Zealand government provides for their citizens. Personally, I think if any government is displaying, “not good behaviour”, it is theirs.

The New Zealand government have been generous with the overseas families who lost loved ones. Overseas relatives received help from the government to travel to New Zealand just after the earthquakes and the course costs of all the deceased students were refunded. They also got a payment of $5,540 which is an ACC grant to cover funeral costs. From the Red Cross appeal families of the deceased got an additional $20,000. So that’s over $25,500 of cash, it is an unknown figure how much was refunded for their course costs – this likely varied, as well as a free trip to New Zealand. So the New Zealand government has done far more for them than the Chinese government who should be paying for their own people.  This article is just a tiny example of how much the government has paid out as a result of this earthquake.

An earthquake is a natural disaster. The New Zealand people have done their part helping these families, it is time for the Chinese government to step up and look after their own people. I feel for the Shidu parents, they do deserve more help, but they need to band together and get help from their government, not whichever country their child died in, some Shidu parents would have children died in China so they have no one else to try and gain sympathy from. The Chinese government and Chinese people need to step up to help them as their situation is a result of their one child policy and their weak social welfare system.




Ask the Chinese government to pay, not New Zealand’s government.

Why do people move to our country and then expect our government, that’s our people who pay tax, to pay for their family?“Changes to the immigration policy have made it impossible for sick parents to be reunited with their migrant children”, according to Mr Wang. But you can still fly home to China so see your family, so I’m not sure why this is a problem. The New Zealand taxpayer does not want to have to pay if your mother gets sick whilst she stays here given that is highly likely given her existing condition and whilst you say she has full cover travel insurance, New Zealanders have been burned in the past paying huge medical expenses for people who visit our country and don’t pay, so rather than blame NZ government, blame others who abused the system before you. Besides, I’m not 100% certain she would be able to get full cover travel insurance given her medical issues. It is her medical issues that make her high risk. Continue reading “Ask the Chinese government to pay, not New Zealand’s government.”

Muslim attacker receives threats, claims she is mentally unwell, not racist.

Surprise, surprise. Today’s story is from the viewpoint of the Muslim attack criminal who says that the attack is not who she is, in fact her own mother is Muslim (I’m doubtful on that one). She says the reason she behaved she did was due to mental illness, and she has been unable to get the help she desperately needs

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Spending the kids inheritance? No I don’t think so, spending their hard earned money.

I read this article yesterday,,   about baby boomers spending their kids inheritance and it really annoyed me. Not for the reasons the writer of the article expected it to annoy people but for the exact opposite, how dear the next generation think that their parents hard earned money is for them. If there is any left after they have passed on, then sure, but don’t stop them enjoying life whilst they can. Personally, I think the older generation have paid their dues and they should enjoy their money, they worked hard for it and if they choose to help out their children then good on them, but it is a choice, not something children should expect. People need to make their own way in the world.

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Are viral videos more important than safety?

Has anyone been attacked either verbally or physically by someone who is clearly drunk, out of it on drugs or simply mentally unstable? Yes? Me too. I imagine the majority of people have. When I am in a situation like this my first thought is my safety and the safety of those around me, not recording it so I can share it on social media. So when I saw a post on my friend’s Facebook page showing her friend who had been verbally abused and had cans thrown at her, as much as I was disgusted by the person who was doing the attacks behaviour, I couldn’t help but question the mentality of someone who instead of acting to defuse and protect themselves in this situation, pulls out a mobile phone to record as if they are daring the person to continue. I just think that is nuts. They were trying to get the video to go viral. We live in a screwed up world when your priority is getting a video to go viral rather than ensuring your safety of the safety of others. After the video went viral the police got involved.

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Indian students fraudsters can avoid deportation stamp if they leave as requested.

Last week I wrote about the Indian students who were facing deportation because it was uncovered that they obtained their visa through deception. The students felt it was unfair that they were being deported when it was their agents that fraudulently represented them. However, they had to sign the declaration to confirm that the document being submitted was factual, so clearly they are just as responsible as they either knowingly submitted a document that was incorrect or failed to check the paperwork their agent was submitting. Either way, they are responsible. Sure, the agent screwed up too. However, they paid the agent to do the work and they may have known that the reason behind paying these agents was because they make sure you meet the criteria by any means necessary, even fraud, and even if they didn’t, whenever you submit visa documents you should check they are correct as anything that is picked up as incorrect can cause costly delays – or in this case, deportation.

One thing that struck me as strange was that they were claiming that getting a deportation stamp from New Zealand would mean that they would struggle to get work in India or to get a visa for any other country. Why would having a deportation stamp in your passport effect you getting a job in your own country? Unless the job you are applying for involves international travel I don’t see how it is relevant. Anyway, this need not be a problem, because as this article states,, they are being given the opportunity to leave on their own free will and this will mean they avoid the dreaded deportation stamp.  Yet they won’t go. It seems very clear to me that given this free pass on their fraud record, yet they still won’t go, that they never had any intention of leaving and even though their visa was for study and then the opportunity to stay for a year of work experience, they never intended to go and were always going to stay illegally. The New Zealand government is being very fair letting them leave without a deportation record – if they leave as requested rather than us actually booting them out (no doubt which we taxpayers will end up paying for).

They are now asking to be charged with immigration fraud so a judge can decide if they acted fraudulently. However, this is just a delay tactic, and who ends up paying for their extended illegal stay? New Zealanders. Yes, we would have to pay for the court case (they clearly don’t have the money. They are currently staying in a church with volunteers supplying them with free food. The reason they committed the fraud was they didn’t meet the funding requirements to meet the terms of the visa – this was the only requirement of the visa. Yet here we are, paying for them because they lied.) We would likely ended up funding their lawyers. Who would fund their accommodation and food whilst they stay waiting for the court case and can’t work? No doubt if they got sick we would be expected to pay their medical expenses, as they clearly don’t have the money even though they are not entitled to state-funded care. Oh, and if the judge decides to send them to prison, we would have to pay for their prison stay and the foster care for the child that once couple had whilst living here. This is really expensive for New Zealanders. The whole reason the financial provision is in these visas is for us to avoid having to pay for people who have not contributed to our country. Yet here we are, faced with paying for people who never should have been allowed to come to New Zealand in the first place, had they submitted factual financial documents.

We need to get them out as soon as possible. To let them stay sets a precedent. It says, break the law on your documents, if you get caught, we will let you stay anyway. This is unacceptable. They broke the law, deport them. No doubt many other people had their visas declined, or choose not to apply because they couldn’t meet the financial criteria. We would have been better off letting the honest people in as at least they were trustworthy I can’t have sympathy for those who used lies and deception to enter our country.

Immigration fraud is unacceptable

What is Labour leader Andrew Little thinking supporting people who fraudulently came to New Zealand getting to stay?

Why does he want people who commit fraud to get to stay whilst his party is disputing the approval of New Zealand citizenship of a billionaire who has supported New Zealand through a disaster, helped to create jobs and has promised future investment in New Zealand?

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Media half truths – Samoan family living in a tent

Today I read this article–through-no-fault-of-their-own of a Samoan family who are stuck living in a tent through ‘no fault of their own’. Having read this I feel the level of reporting is a disgrace. It could have been written by a primary aged child for all the investigation that was done into it.

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