Indian students fraudsters can avoid deportation stamp if they leave as requested.

Last week I wrote about the Indian students who were facing deportation because it was uncovered that they obtained their visa through deception. The students felt it was unfair that they were being deported when it was their agents that fraudulently represented them. However, they had to sign the declaration to confirm that the document being submitted was factual, so clearly they are just as responsible as they either knowingly submitted a document that was incorrect or failed to check the paperwork their agent was submitting. Either way, they are responsible. Sure, the agent screwed up too. However, they paid the agent to do the work and they may have known that the reason behind paying these agents was because they make sure you meet the criteria by any means necessary, even fraud, and even if they didn’t, whenever you submit visa documents you should check they are correct as anything that is picked up as incorrect can cause costly delays – or in this case, deportation.

One thing that struck me as strange was that they were claiming that getting a deportation stamp from New Zealand would mean that they would struggle to get work in India or to get a visa for any other country. Why would having a deportation stamp in your passport effect you getting a job in your own country? Unless the job you are applying for involves international travel I don’t see how it is relevant. Anyway, this need not be a problem, because as this article states,, they are being given the opportunity to leave on their own free will and this will mean they avoid the dreaded deportation stamp.  Yet they won’t go. It seems very clear to me that given this free pass on their fraud record, yet they still won’t go, that they never had any intention of leaving and even though their visa was for study and then the opportunity to stay for a year of work experience, they never intended to go and were always going to stay illegally. The New Zealand government is being very fair letting them leave without a deportation record – if they leave as requested rather than us actually booting them out (no doubt which we taxpayers will end up paying for).

They are now asking to be charged with immigration fraud so a judge can decide if they acted fraudulently. However, this is just a delay tactic, and who ends up paying for their extended illegal stay? New Zealanders. Yes, we would have to pay for the court case (they clearly don’t have the money. They are currently staying in a church with volunteers supplying them with free food. The reason they committed the fraud was they didn’t meet the funding requirements to meet the terms of the visa – this was the only requirement of the visa. Yet here we are, paying for them because they lied.) We would likely ended up funding their lawyers. Who would fund their accommodation and food whilst they stay waiting for the court case and can’t work? No doubt if they got sick we would be expected to pay their medical expenses, as they clearly don’t have the money even though they are not entitled to state-funded care. Oh, and if the judge decides to send them to prison, we would have to pay for their prison stay and the foster care for the child that once couple had whilst living here. This is really expensive for New Zealanders. The whole reason the financial provision is in these visas is for us to avoid having to pay for people who have not contributed to our country. Yet here we are, faced with paying for people who never should have been allowed to come to New Zealand in the first place, had they submitted factual financial documents.

We need to get them out as soon as possible. To let them stay sets a precedent. It says, break the law on your documents, if you get caught, we will let you stay anyway. This is unacceptable. They broke the law, deport them. No doubt many other people had their visas declined, or choose not to apply because they couldn’t meet the financial criteria. We would have been better off letting the honest people in as at least they were trustworthy I can’t have sympathy for those who used lies and deception to enter our country.

Author: revisionisteditor

Editor in charge of Revisionist Media.

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