Ask the Chinese government to pay, not New Zealand’s government.

Why do people move to our country and then expect our government, that’s our people who pay tax, to pay for their family?“Changes to the immigration policy have made it impossible for sick parents to be reunited with their migrant children”, according to Mr Wang. But you can still fly home to China so see your family, so I’m not sure why this is a problem. The New Zealand taxpayer does not want to have to pay if your mother gets sick whilst she stays here given that is highly likely given her existing condition and whilst you say she has full cover travel insurance, New Zealanders have been burned in the past paying huge medical expenses for people who visit our country and don’t pay, so rather than blame NZ government, blame others who abused the system before you. Besides, I’m not 100% certain she would be able to get full cover travel insurance given her medical issues. It is her medical issues that make her high risk.

The reason New Zealand had to close its parent category visa was because we had huge numbers of people coming to New Zealand then putting a strain on our medical system, a medical system that they never paid into. People need to see it from the other side, we pay a lot of tax for a comprehensive health system which we want to be there for us when we get sick, not so others who haven’t paid a penny into it can arrive in their old age (where it is a given you will get sick eventually) and expect to get instant service for free, whilst those who actually paid into the system end up having to pay. You also find these dedicated kids who desperately want their parents over so they can do their housework, cook their meals and look after their own children, oops, I mean so they can look after them, suddenly vanish at the hospital or doctors (because they are working which they can do with their live-in babysitters) and then the New Zealand health system ends up paying for a translator. The costs just keep mounting for the New Zealand people and the government needed to act to protect our people. Waiting lists keep growing and people get treated based on need, not who paid the most for the system, so we have the retired people who spent more than 40 years working and contributing to this system waiting whilst others leapfrog them on arrival to the country. People die on waiting lists, quick diagnosis of illnesses saves lives, take colonoscopies as an example, people are waiting too long and it is because we don’t have money to fund people getting seen quicker. We need our health budget for those who paid into the system, The decision not to let people like Mr Wang’s mother into the country are to protect those who paid into the system, and I think that is fair. Nothing is stopping Mr Wang visiting her in China, going back to live in China, or if he decides to stay in New Zealand, sending money home to ensure she is cared for and Skyping or emailing her daily so they keep in close contact. It’s Mr Wang’s choice. No one is forcing him to stay here.

Wang is quick to label this policy as ‘heartless and absurd’, but what is ‘heartless and absurd’ is actually letting our own people, people who paid for the existing health system, die on waiting lists because our health services are overstretched. What is ‘heartless and absurd’ is his decision to leave his mother in China and not to stay with her, if that is what is needed. It is up to him to make it happen, not the New Zealand government. Maybe he should be talking to his government about a deal that pays for Chinese citizen’s medical treatments in New Zealand rather than blaming New Zealand for their choices. If he doesn’t like the way our country is run, he can leave. I understand that the kids are supposed to pay for their parents in their old age and the reason behind this is the failings of the Chinese government to invest in health care for their elderly, its space program is obviously more important than caring for their people, but who am I to judge. It is not my country so I don’t have the right to have a say in how it is run. Since Mr Wang is from China it is up to him to ask the Chinese government to help his situation, not the country he is currently working in. Let’s turn it around. If I moved overseas I would not expect my host country to pay for my sick parent to come over and live in their country and use their health system for free. I would come home. I have lived overseas and I didn’t stay longer than two years and my primary reason behind that was wanting to be around my family, one of whom did become sick whilst I was overseas. I made the choice to return. Mr Wang needs to make his choice, it is up to him.

Why do we have so much money for stupid studies that just point out the obvious?”Massey University research found immigration policy changes are creating pressures for only-child Chinese migrants who want to be reunited with their aging parents.” Obviously! But the previous immigration policy was putting a strain on the New Zealand health system. We had people dying on waiting lists, or in intense pain, whilst we took on the health issues of not only our own aging population but countries like China and India who had children who got approved to come to New Zealand because they would benefit New Zealand. But then those benefits were well canceled out by their parents arriving to and needing medical care and translators. It is also put up the cost of our housing as they had the elderly parents able to help buy the house with their savings and the working aged family had the salary to fund the mortgage, this was pricing New Zealanders out of the market because they were trying to buy a home as young couples, not young couples and their parents life long savings. In New Zealand culture the parents work their whole lives and then get to enjoy their retirement after a job well done. So New Zealanders, such as myself, don’t have the luxury of parents living with them who do their housework, cook their meals and babysit their kids so they can continue working without the huge expense of childcare. I’m jealous of the way Chinese and Indian families do things. I would have loved to have not had to give up my career and had my parents look after my house and children, but I had to choose career, children, or a crazy mix where I don’t do a proper job of either as I’m either letting one or the other down when there is sickness or activities that clash. So I had to give up my awesome career and whilst I still work, it isn’t a job that I love or am passionate about because I gave that up for my family. I think I made the right choice but I’m still jealous of people who didn’t have to make that choice and got to have both – but it makes me angry when these very people who got this smooth ride then expect the government to pay for their parent’s medical care. Why should our taxes pay for their parent’s medical care when their family put up the cost of our housing, put a financial strain on our school system (as their kids speak their national language at home with their parents and then expect the New Zealand school system to pay for them to learn English)? This balanced against us having to pay for our own childcare as our parents don’t look after our kids so we can work and we have to buy a home on our own without our parent’s lifelong savings. New Zealanders don’t want to pay more tax to pay for foreign old people.

If Mr Wang really wants his mum to come to New Zealand, why does he not address the issues that New Zealanders are concerned about, cost. Campaign that there needs to be a part of the immigration policy that lets sick parents in if they can prove that they have medical insurance that would cover them in full for any eventuality – they would need to supply evidence or ask for a bond of an amount, maybe $1 million, to be paid as a bond if the parents gets sick and needs medical care. Or campaign the Chinese government to agree to pay the medical bills of their citizens here, since they paid tax their whole life in China it’s the Chinese government’s responsibility – not ours and if they don’t pay for the healthcare needs of their elderly, that is on them, not us. If they address the concerns the government has and agree to pay and have evidence they can pay then it’s something the government might be open to looking at. Of course, cost is just one aspect, having the capacity to supply the additional medical care is another issue the New Zealand government faces. Any payment would need to be in advance, as we have had far too many come and use our system and then leave without paying.he New Zealand government’s priority needs to be the New Zealand people.

The New Zealand government’s priority needs to be the New Zealand people.


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