More concerning reports of Sweden
When will people start to believe what they see and hear from friends, family – real people experiences, rather than the rubbish that they are fed in the media. Another report has come in which shows what the rest of us have been seeing with our own eyes, hearing with our own ears and that commonsense told us would be the inevitable outcome of letting people of a different faith and culture integrate on mass to a country whilst the locals fund it and adapt to their needs.

Trouble is brewing. We need to act now to prevent the takeover or things will end in violence. This mass immigration and destruction of the host nations culture and core beliefs will be detrimental to the future generations of the natives. When they had such an awesome upbringing in their country why are they destroying their country for the next generation? This breaks my heart. RIP Sweden, a once proud, strong, hard working nation – how did they lose their way? Could it happen here in New Zealand?

Author: revisionisteditor

Editor in charge of Revisionist Media.

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