Ariana Grande is so awesome!!!!
I don’t know any of Ariana’s songs but I’ve always thought she was awesome on Sam and Cat and Victorious, a brilliant actress. I was really saddened by the terrorist attack at her concert a couple of weeks ago. Kids were killed or maimed on a fun night out and awaiting parents were killed or injured, heartbreaking stories. It wasn’t Ariana’s fault her concert was targeted for an attack and no one could blame her for what happened that night but what she has done since that night has me in awe of her brilliance.

Straight after the incident Ariana left the country and simply Tweeted she was broken. She genuinely seemed devastated by what happened. She didn’t try and grab the limelight she shared her grief and kept away from the media. Then she contacted the families and offered to pay for the funerals. She organized a benefit concert and gave free tickets to those who were at the concert that night and with the tickets sold raised $2million for the victims of the attacks. Plus she visited the victims in hospital and it would have had a much more positive impact when she visited , unannounced without media presence, than had she visited straight after the attack before the victims had had time to mentally process what had happened to them. Ariana even mentioned some of the fans who were victims during the concert. Ariana is a hero. It must have been so hard to come back after what happened, she was very brave. It would have been hard to see the victims and their families, but she did it. I’m sure a publicist told her what to do but she carried it out and was so respectful to the victims and their families, it seemed to be all about the victims not about her and her image. 

I have so much respect for this celebrities actions around this attack. So many stars seem to do things just for the headlines, to get their face on magazines, but Ariana seems so genuine. She is so talented and so respectful to others. I hope she continues to spread kindness to others and her attitude sets a good example to everyone.

Author: revisionisteditor

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