Complaining about cockroaches but leaving half eaten plates of food lying around (sigh).
The biggest problem with boarding houses is the people. Other than the mould on the roof which could be a building issue, or the tenants never opening their windows, the issues of blood on the carpet, beer bottles in the hallway are because of the tenants. It is a low cost accommodation, a cleaner isn’t provided, you have to clean up after yourselves. I would like to say it is possible that this family is a victim of others bad behavior and is not contributing to the problem but the half eaten plates of food stacked high on boxes is going to help feed the cockroach problem. No point the landlord getting the exterminators out, at great cost, if people are going to leave food out for them it will need to be done again as soon as the poison coating has warn off. The fleas are likely coming in from pets, so again, unless people either don’t bring pets in if they aren’t allowed, or treat their pets for fleas, the problem will keep spreading.

To claim living in a boarding house is just as bad as a car is a joke. I would rather be in a boarding house than a car – why? Well firstly, you can lie down flat and sleep in a bed. We lived in a multilevel building overseas where there was a lot of rubbish and sometimes dog pee was in the lift – it stunk, but it was cheap and we were saving for travel so we just put up with it. We slept on an air mattress for over a year, but it was cheap and that was all that mattered. You get what you pay for and when you don’t pay a lot you are going to get people who are often criminals or unemployed because it’s all they can afford. Best thing to do is to work harder and get out – we did. I wouldn’t want to be staying at a place like that with kids.  

Shared facilities bring down costs. It’s still better than a car where you’d have to get out and get wet if it’s raining to use a public bathroom and unless near a beach or at a campsite they don’t have showers. I had my honeymoon at accommodation that had shared bathroom toilet facilities, campsites and are the same, it’s fine as long as everyone is respectful of everyone else. Again, you get what you pay for.

Despite the claims of it being a hellhole, if you look at the picture the hallways seems clean, it’s their house which is the pig sty and they have mats on the floor. If they don’t have mats on the floor then it is less likely the fleas will get into their room if it is floorboards underneath.

They say Julia is ‘explorative’ and they worry about her when she runs out of their room. No kidding! Every parent worries if their 18 month old walks out the door. When she does that, watch her. Or get a child proof latch – these can be stickered on so no damage to the property – which is up high so their 18 month old can’t reach it. Seriously, it is a parents job to protect their child, protect them!

My baby sleeps in my bed. All my kids did, they like being around their parents, nothing is wrong with an 18 month old sharing their parents bed.

The mum has a job now so things will improve but let’s be honest, when you have a 18month old at 21 you are going to struggle. This is why I waited until I was financially secure to start a family and I certainly wasn’t at 21 so waiting was what was best for our family. People need to stop blaming the government. They can’t be responsible for everyone’s bad decisions.

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