Who wouldn’t want a government subsidized 5 bedroom house?


A part of me feels sorry for this guy but another part of me feels it is selfish to hold on to a five bedroom state home when you have grown children. As far as the state is concerned, at 79 your kids should have all left home, not one stay and have 7 of his own kids and just expected the state to pay. I’m grateful to live in a country with a social security safety net. It’s important to help those who are unlucky in life such as those who have medical conditions or injuries which limits their ability to work or who are caring for sick family members, but at 79 and with grown children it is time for someone else to have the opportunity he was given by the state. They are not kicking him out onto the streets, they are saying he needs something a lot smaller as there are people raising their families who need the home – and he has had 22 years in his State home. As for his family, why do they think they have the right to essentially inherit their father’s home? It belongs to the state. 

I can understand him wanting to stay with his family but the reality is lots of people want that but can’t afford a home big enough. I don’t have 5 bedrooms and we could do with that since we have 5 kids but we live within our means. Why should they get a state subsided 5 bedroom home? Time for this family to start paying their way. Maybe dad had a valid reason for his inability to work and provide fully for his family but his son needs to step up and pay his own way and get off living off his dad and the state and if he must live off the state at least apply and do it without his dad’s help. He has 7 kids of his own, time to step up and provide for the family.

There are 43 families awaiting a 5 bedroom house in Auckland. Seems unfair that HNZ provide 5 bedroom houses when many can’t afford a 5 bedroom house but have enough kids to fill a 5 bedroom home. Sometimes it seems people have the kids just to be the most desperate, get the biggest house and get the most financial help. Unfair on those working to provide and being highly taxed for so many that don’t bother providing for their families and deliberately put themselves in a position where they have kids they simply can’t afford.

Author: revisionisteditor

Editor in charge of Revisionist Media.

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