Buying your way into a country, I don’t care.
Peter Thiel is back in the news for ‘buying his way into NZ.’ Who cares? He did nothing illegal. He is not taking from our society, quite the opposite in fact, he is contributing. He donated $1million to the Christchurch earthquake recovery and helped businesses develop. Now I feel for this family not being given residency status but let’s be honest, you can’t compare the two. This family did not give a million dollars to the Christchurch rebuild for a start.

NZ has strict entry requirements and the entry requirements are basically around someone’s ability to support themselves. We have language requirements because you can’t work if you can’t speak the language of our country. We have funds that you have to bring over because you have to have the money to set yourself up. We have health standards so people don’t arrive to receive more than they give with our free health care system. We have skills criteria to make sure you have skills other NZ don’t have so you aren’t taking a Kiwis job. And we have earnings criteria to make sure people are earning the money to continue to support both themselves and family. So this family were told their business wasn’t profitable enough. That’s a fair rejection. Maybe it will be over turned. They seem like hard workers, they clearly speak English but without seeing their business plan and accounts I can’t tell if it’s profitable so I don’t have a strong opinion, however, it can’t be compared to Peter Thiel who has done a lot for our country.

Author: revisionisteditor

Editor in charge of Revisionist Media.

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