UK Government needs to stop sending aid to India. This is absolute madness. India has said on numerous occasions they don’t want the money. Why is the UK still sending them money? The NHS is crumbling, mostly due to the extra pressure put on it by the EU’s huge increase in immigrants, why are the UK not putting money into their health system?

India has a space program. Right now they are probably doing better than the UK. Sure there are a lot of slums in India, but India is a land of extremes. They have the very rich and the very poor and whilst I would hate to live in a country where the difference between the haves and the have nots is so extreme, the way the Indian government spends their money is their decision. Giving them more money is not going to help those very poor because they are going to put it towards their interests, which seems to be right now a space program.

I can’t understand some governments. They have their people crying out for help with over crowded hospitals, overcrowded schools, huge housing costs and yet they are giving money to a country that have said they don’t need it. Spend it on your own people, or if they insist on giving aid away maybe they need to look at being involved in something that helps the Syrian people stay in their own area rather than them coming across to Europe where in a lot of ways their culture clashes with the European beliefs. Rather than feeling like aliens in a new land, working towards finding a solution to keep refugees safe in their own land would make more sense than having them invade Europe. The UK needs to totally review their spending. They seem to have their priorities very screwed up.

Author: revisionisteditor

Editor in charge of Revisionist Media.

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