Trump tells the Middle East they will pay for his plans. Trump makes me laugh. First, he told Mexico they will pay for the wall between their two countries, now he is telling the Middle East that they can pay for his plan for Syria. I would have loved to see the faces of those Middle Eastern leaders when he announced this plan – why do the news media always miss the good stuff? That would have been a classic moment. Despite how hilarious I think it is the Trump believes he can tell the Middle East what to do, I think his plan has merit. Well more merit than Angela Merkel’s policy of invite everyone into your land and have them destroy the very fabric of your culture, as well as increasing violent crime and terrorist attacks – guess it doesn’t have to be that of an amazing plan to bet her one. Clearly Angela’s plan isn’t working, although she hasn’t worked that out yet. The rest of the world has, not sure about the German people, sounds like at this point they still might vote her back in, I have to question their sanity if they do.

As soon as Angela Merkel announced her plan to welcome refugees to Germany, well actually the whole of the EU, I was in a state of confusion as to why anyone would do this. Up to this point I believed every country had border security – whilst I know there was free movement around Europe – I have traveled here – to get into Europe there is one initial entry point that checked to make sure you weren’t a criminal, hadn’t been deported from anywhere, were legally allowed to travel to that area – those kinds of things. I thought this was not only standard in every country but fair, you have to protect the people in a country from criminals.

I do have sympathy to those who are stuck in war-torn countries through no fault of their own, however, I am also aware you need to distinguish between those who are in genuine need and those who are part of the problem. You don’t want to import the problem. Also sending them around the globe didn’t seem like the most impressive plan. Not only are they going to countries where they don’t speak the language, which makes it really hard to fit in and virtually impossible to find work, these countries also had different cultures, different beliefs, were mostly a majority of people from a different religion, their new countries didn’t accept their qualifications even if they were highly qualified in their own land and even more importantly, they were separated from friends and family who could end up oceans apart. This plan never seemed to be a workable one for me. It sounds super depressing to end up in a country where you are isolated by language and have friends all over the globe that you may never be able to afford to see again. They know they are not wanted where they ended up. When I put myself in their shoes, this seems like a horrible situation to be in. Why can’t we help them fix their own land? Why can’t it be made safe? I think about walking away from everything I have worked hard to achieve – leave my culture, abandon my house and belongings, have my qualifications worthless, be separated from family, to be forced to live in poverty – it’s not what I would want. I would want to stay and fight for what I have worked for, what my parents and their parents built up in this country, I would want to give my kids the same fantastic upbringing I had, in a country I loved. If someone was trying to take this from me I would want to defend it, not run and hide. I would be more grateful if someone came and helped me protect what is rightfully mine than if someone took me in and I had to be thankful for their generosity whilst morning everything I left behind and feeling a sense of out of control uselessness and ongoing dependency that I wouldn’t have the ability to escape because I just wouldn’t understand how this new country worked.

So what is Trump’s plan? Trump wants to set up ‘safe zones’ in Syria rather than have any more refugees come to the US. That part makes sense to me. Telling the Middle East that they are going to pay for Trump’s plan is the part that doesn’t make sense, but I will get back to that point later. Right now I want to focus on why this won’t work. The President from Turkey has also suggested safe zones, but the Syrian leader, German’s Angela Merkel and ex US President Obama say it can’t be done. They are light on details as to why not, although to be fair, Trump is also light on details on how it can be done. Why not explore this as a possibility?

The Middle East won’t pay. This tragedy has been going on in their backyard for some time and they have been ignoring it. Trump saying they should pay isn’t going to make it happen but America shouldn’t have to pay either. So who needs to pay? Everyone.

Everyone needs to open their mind to this idea and give it a try. The EU gave inviting them over a try and what did they get? Increased terror attacks, more violence, increased crime, unsafe streets, culture clashes – it hasn’t worked. People are unhappy. The invitation Angela Merkel put out to all refugees made the UK vote to Brexit. What had been a great example of countries working together collaboratively and having everyone benefit from it collapsed under the influx of immigrants who should never have been invited in. I agree with the Brexit vote, it had to happen because Merkel would not listen to the UK’s concerns about the influx of refugees.

Look who is spilling into Europe. It isn’t woman and children flooding into Europe, the majority is working age men who should be staying to protect the woman and children, old, sick, not leaving them to defend their homes whilst they start a new life abroad. The cost to Europe has been huge. Instead of spending a fortune on helping the few that manage the journey from Syria (and the other places) they can spend the money on creating safe zones. Everyone should put a halt on letting refugees in from Syria and the money they would have spent on the refugees can go into this new plan. The would help everyone a lot rather than the few who escape. Governments can work with organisations who are already trying to do this like Unicef and the Red Cross. It can only work if it is a collaborate approach amongst many nations, particularly neighbouring countries. The people need to stay in a culture they understand, around people they understand. They need to be close to their old homes and their families so eventually they can return home.

Securing the ‘safe zones’ would be a huge task. As would screening who is safe to enter them. But relocating people all over the world is also a huge task. Those able bodied men who escaped to Europe should be trained up and sent back to defend the safe zones. They need to do their part to protect their country. The international community needs to come together with ideas to make it work. We all need to commit our troops to protecting the safe zones and send money to pay for them. It shouldn’t just fall on the US. Nor should it fall just on the Middle East. Countries who are already paying a fortune for the refugees who have flooded their countries would be better off paying for this and sending some of them back to protect their own lands than letting them stay, living off their benefits as it is creating a social divide. The locals feel it is unfair they are paying for the freeloaders. They don’t feel safe. They don’t like their schools and hospitals being overrun by people who can’t speak the language and haven’t paid into the systems through the tax system. And those arriving feel equally ripped off because they can’t work because they don’t speak the language, their qualifications aren’t accepted, they don’t have the money for work clothes to even show up to an interview in a presentable manner, they are separated from family and friends, they don’t understand the people they live around, they believe different things and they celebrate different holidays. It is just a clash between cultures. We need the whole world to put their heads together to come up with a plan to protect Syria and fight ISIS. United the world can be a powerful place. It is ridiculous ISIS is beating the whole world. What has been being done for the past few years has not been working. We need a radical rethink and what Trump is saying is something I have believed in far before he came up with it.

If it won’t work, why? Can’t we come up with solutions to the barriers? I don’t know if Trump’s plan will work. But I do know the Merkel’s plan hasn’t worked and I am sad at the mess that Europe is in. I know the government of my country is under pressure to take more refugees, but I have seen the way the vast majority we get don’t fit in, don’t want to live the way we do, that they despise our systems and way of life, that they generally bring increased crime, that they are a huge cost when our own country is struggling with a shortage of houses, lack of medical treatments, underfunded infrastructure and overrun schools. We don’t have the facilities to cope with more people who are not contributing to our country and I think we would be better off contributing to an international effort rather than help a few families who may or may not be able to come to accept New Zealand as their new home. I truly believe the best hope for Syrians is united in their own country, not spread around the globe, a globe that is becoming more and more intolerant to people who are different not because they have an issue with people who are different to them, but they are scared that the vast number of people entering their country with different beliefs will eventually take over and where will that leave their children? What does the future hold for our countries if we let people come in in mass numbers who have a different culture and belief system? Do we want our cultures to change? Because they will. These people are not integrating. They want to live their way. We don’t want to change ours. Every country has one set of rules and often the rules between the existing ways clash with the ways of the newcomers. Once they get critical mass they get the say on the running of our countries, we will lose control of our lands. Let’s help them be happy in their space, so we can be happy in ours.



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