Last night in Sweden…. You have probably heard the media cries of Trump’s fake news that he spoke about a terrorist attack in Sweden that never happened. The only fake news that happened came from the media. Trump never mentioned a terrorist attack in Sweden. When I read Trump’s speech I saw no reference to a terrorist attack in Sweden. I didn’t know what he meant by, “What happened last night in Sweden”, but as I don’t live in America I don’t watch Fox news, so never saw the documentary he was referring to. Now whilst his statement, “Last night in Sweden”, was very vague and needed further clarification, I can’t understand why the media didn’t get clarification on the statement before reporting that Trump claimed there had been a terrorist attack in Sweden when there had never been a terrorist attack. That is a completely irresponsible claim. It scares me the number of people who are talking about Trump’s false claim, when the speech was in the printed news and it never mentioned a terrorist attack in Sweden. Have people lost the ability to read? Or even listen to a speech (posted above) and comprehend it for themselves? I read the speech prior to Trump clarifying but now I can’t even find the written copy. All the stories that I could find under the search are sensationalising the issue rather than letting us see the actual facts. Why do people believe things the media say when their own eyes and ears should prove to them it never happened? And why are the media trying to confuse us with their false stories? It is their job to get all the information and report it, not fail to clarify a point of confusion so just make up the news. This is just nuts!

Since the media lies, Donald Trump has clarified that what he was in fact referring to was the increase crime, violence and security in Sweden since they opened their borders and let in piles of immigrants. As I said, I haven’t watched the Fox news documentary, however, this does fall in line with reports I have read in the past from various news agencies. The crazy thing is, despite news agencies reporting the increased crime and violence in Sweden, official statistics apparently say that crime hasn’t increased. I would love to be able to see these statistics, but I can’t. I have done several searches and they are reporting on the statistics or opinions wading into the Trump debate, but I can’t find the actual statistics. Why are the statistics not released and made clear given the confusion about what is going on in Sweden? I don’t want to know what every newspaper with their own agenda thinks, I want statistics. Along with crime hasn’t increased I have seen the complete opposite that rapes have increased by 70%. Also that Sweden refuses to give an ethnicity breakdown of crime. The amount of false information out there is huge and without official government statistics it is impossible to know who is telling the truth. Despite media sites claimed stats are down, here is a report direct from a cop there, that doesn’t match these statistics: This is why there is so much conflict and debate around the issue, completely incompatible pieces of information.

Today I see this article in the news What is this article even about? It talks about riots in a neighbourhood, links them to Trump’s speech and says levels of crime in Sweden have not increased since all the immigrants arrived. It says that the city of Rinkeby is mostly inhabited by migrants but fails to identify who was rioting. Was it the immigrants? Were they upset at Trump’s comments? Was it the Swedes protesting the immigrants being there? The article is just veiled pieces of information where they expect us to guess the rest. If it was immigrants burning cars and rioting, then it proves Trump’s point. Are the media too scared to say anything that reaffirms anything Trump says so they completely overlooked who was rioting? If it is the Swedes rioting in this migrant neighbourhood, why? And what was the reaction of the migrants? This is just a non-story without saying who it was rioting and why. Here is another article – still no mention of who the rioters were: Why can’t the media be straight up and report the facts?


Author: revisionisteditor

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