President Trump was right about Sweden

A few days ago I wrote about how the press misinterpreted Trump’s speech and made up a story about a terrorist attack in Sweden when there wasn’t one. The very next day after Trump’s speech there was a riot in Sweden, but the stories coming out from Sweden were very vague, no one could confirm who was rioting, who was arrested, who was hurt – all we were told was that it was a drug deal bust that turned to rioting. The vagueness of the story was very strange. Today I saw this article on the UK’s Daily Mail,

When people were claiming Trump said there was a terrorist attack last night in Sweden, which he never said, every media outlet seemed to be talking about it. I check the news often in US, UK, NZ and Australia, both internet, printed and TV news were talking about Trump talking about the terrorist attack in Sweden that never happened. I saw it popping up on social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook, and comedy shows had picked it up too. When the news about the riot in Sweden came out, a few media outlets printed it, but all the articles were very much lacking in details. It certainly didn’t get the media coverage that the fake news story the media put out about Donald Trump’s Sweden terrorist attack managed to get. Now this Daily Mail story that has far more details about the riots is the only detailed story about the riots that I have seen. And Trump was right. The violence was immigrants. Immigrants so out of control that the police had to recede and had to ask the leaders at the mosque to help talk to the out of control crowd as the police were powerless.

I read the comments section and many of them shared first hand their experiences in Sweden and how much it had changed from 10 years ago. I even read one who was a Swedish national and she said she would never return to Sweden. The Sweden she once knew and loved had been destroyed by mass immigration. It was very disturbing to read. I checked various newspapers in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand, and I could not find one other story on this subject. Why are the news covering up Trump being correct? Even the Daily Mail didn’t have this as a top story. It was so far down the list of stories it came below George Clooney’s wife going out in a gown that showed her baby bump.

It is truly bizarre to live in a world that seems to be covering up the truth of what is going on in the world. It scares me. It is very hard to know what is true and what isn’t. But reading the comments section and hearing from people, not reporters, on their experiences helps makes things clearer. I would rather hear a mix of people’s experiences than one reporter’s interpretation. You also put your own life experiences in the picture to help you work out what is true and what isn’t. I lived in the UK 15 years ago and on two occasions I ventured into areas for job interviews that were majority immigrant areas. I did not feel safe. People were drinking on the side of the road, making rude comments as you walked down the road, people were even openly smoking marjuana (which is illegal there). It was creepy and smelt. The first job I turned down because I did not want to have to walk home from the job when it was dark – it was scary enough in the middle of the day. The second interview I didn’t even get to. I went into a couple of stores to get directions on how to get where I was going and neither of the shopkeepers spoke English. There didn’t seem to be anyone on the street who looked like they could speak English and people were looking at me like I was an alien from out of space. I didn’t belong there and I felt unsafe. So I left before I got to the job interview. I had never done that before.  I called my agent to apologise but I just couldn’t work in that area and she wasn’t surprised. She told me that I was the third person who had called to say they wouldn’t work in that area, two Australians and me, the New Zealander, immigrants, British people heard the name of the suburb and said they were not interested in working there. So I have seen immigrant/refugee communities first hand, and I have seen that they are cesspits of alcohol, drugs, smoking, people did not take pride in the area, graffiti was everywhere, they just had a bad vibe, people looked at you in a creepy way. So when the media tells us that mass immigration is working I find it hard to believe as that is now what I have seen. This article makes more sense to me. When people can’t speak the language of a country, they can’t work. They can’t provide for themselves and a providing for yourself and a job is part of your selfworth. So it is no surprising that people fall into crime, gangs, alcohol, drugs, violence, they are set up to fail. Supporting displaced people in their own homelands and trying to defend them from their attackers makes more sense.

One day on, the Daily Mail UK print this article A story direct from a Swedish police officer who is nearing retirement on what he has seen happening in Sweden. He is nearing retirement so feels safe speaking out as he is about to stop working anyway, but he says that young ones won’t speak out due to fear. It sounds like a cover up at a high level.

So what are the other newspapers reporting? Stuff news in New Zealand is still on about the terrorist attack that Trump made up – but he never ever said there was a terrorist attack in Sweden Apparently the new scandal is Fox interviewed a person and they gave him the title of Swedish Defense and National Security Advisor yet no one in Sweden had heard of the guy. So Fox news made a mistake on the guys title – it has nothing to do with President Trump, but they try and link it to his imaginery (made up by the media) terrorist attack. Whilst Fox got the title wrong, this person wasn’t just some guy they plucked off the street. Here is the definition of his role straight from the article:

Bildt is a founding member of a corporate geopolitical strategy and security consulting business with offices in Washington, Brussels and Tokyo, according its website.

His bio speaks to expertise on defense and national security issues, saying his experience includes serving as a naval officer, working for a Japanese official and writing books on issues ranging from investment and political climates to security issues in working in hostile environments.

So whilst they got his title wrong, it is his area of expertise that he was talking about, yet they completely wrote him off because Fox got the title wrong. Bildt said that Fox put that title up and it was not the description that he gave of himself, so at no point was he trying to be fraudulent and the description of the job, whilst wrong, was not the point of the story, the point was what is happening in Sweden. New York Times is still discussing that Trump revoked the transgenders being able to use the bathrooms they identified order that Obama signed, and The Sydney Morning Herald are trying to convince Trump supporters that they have been betrayed by Trump, an article they took from the New York times,

New York Times is still discussing that Trump revoked the transgenders being able to use the bathrooms they identified order that Obama signed, and The Sydney Morning Herald are trying to convince Trump supporters that they have been betrayed by Trump, an article they took from the New York times,–they-need-to-fight-back-20170226-gulvjo.html. Kind of a strange thing to claim given he has only been in charge for a couple of months and he has set about implementing exactly what he promised in his campaign, despite all the protests and legal blocks he has experienced, he is working to fulfill the campaign promises. I have to say, so far, the people who voted for Trump got what they asked for. It writes, “The Washington Post Fact Checker is tracking 60 specific campaign promises and found only six cases so far of promises kept.” This may be true but he has had a couple of months, I have seen him make more moves than most political parties do in their whole term. He has a long time left to implement the rest of his policies. Not everything can happen overnight, who knows what actions are being taken in the background getting prepared for public announcement.

It seems the Daily Mail is the only paper brave enough to print something that backs up what Trump has said. We need more honesty in the media. We need the news to focus on the news and the fact rather than to get swept up in hysteria.


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