Trumpisms – also known as being honest This article is wrong. Don’t cut the Trumpisms Bill, some of us like to hear the truth. Most of us actually know the truth and think politicians have their heads in the clouds and need to wake up and walk in the shoes of us little people who encounter the druggies in public or at our jobs, or who they related to us, and we see first hand how incapable they are to be fit for work. JK was also honest and got blasted for telling the truth. I for one like to hear the truth.

I can only assume that by Trumpisms the author is referring to telling truth because in the examples he used Trump was proven to be telling the truth. 

It was the media who were ultimately proved wrong. They mislead the public on Trump’s comments about Sweden, he never said they had a terrorist attack but was talking about how many cities in the country had lost control to immigrants who lived their way and were ruled by the mosques. We only had to wait a couple of days afterwards when their were riots in Sweden by immigrants because a Muslim was arrested for dealing drugs, that escalated so much the police had to retreat and ask the mosque for help to calm the situation, for proof that Trump was right. 

Bill English should be commended for talking to business leaders to see what barriers they were facing to employing people who were currently unemployed. Maybe there is something the government can do, such as more money for rehab centres and more penalties for those caught taking illegal drugs. Sure putting them in prison costs money but so does funding them on the outside. Theoretically people shouldn’t be able to access drugs in prison, so they have the opportunity to break free from the bad crowd, detox and start over when they are released. Much cheaper in the long run than letting them be a drain on society. Especially in the case of P addicts who wreak houses through their addiction, which we as tax payers ultimately pay for too either through it being a State house, so state funded, or increased insurance premiums if private landlords make claims. The more claims the more insurance rises, it’s not a charity. 

I fail to see how Statistics NZ would help in this situation. I do not recall there being a census question, “Do you take illegal drugs?”  And even if the question was there, would people who take illegal drugs really answer that honestly – if they answer the census at all. Yes, it’s a legal requirement but if you are taking illegal drugs you are hardly a law abiding citizen who is going to care that it is illegal. I’m not sure if they keep statistics on reasons for job rejections either.

Ministry of Social Development likely do have a record, as I believe they test for drugs on people and people who take illegal drugs could get their benefits cut, but their statistics won’t be accurate anyway. Many people are recreational users, not addicts, so if they are going to be assessed for a benefit they know not to take their chosen drug prior to taking the test. It doesn’t mean they can’t go and get a hit as soon as they have past and if they don’t want to work take a hit before going to the company drug test. I don’t believe the Ministry of Social development is like a random drug test that can be taken at anytime. Easy to trick the system here but if you go to the source of employers, the employer, and get their feedback they are going to be the most accurate. It is their personal experience. It doesn’t mean that all employers feel the same as those he surveyed and it is possible that different industries/locations would give different feedback, but he is merely passing on the feedback he has been given by employers he has spoken to. These observations are the same as what I have observed just living my life, so I have no reason to question the integrity of these business owners. I mean, what incentive do they have to lie? None.

Finding a job can be hard, it is depressing when you can’t find what you want and when it is taking longer than expected. People need to be ready to work though – that means drug and alcohol free, and with a good attitude that they’ll show up on time and follow instructions. We need to be honest about why some people are sitting on benefits long term and are seen as unemployable. This is what he is referring to not a teacher’s aid who lost her job through funding cuts at one school, she just has to wait for another job to come up and she’ll likely get it, or if in a hurry for work hopefully get into a different role – I know of many people who faced temporary employment, yes it’s depressing and demoralizing but they all kept looking and found something and are working hard in their new found jobs. They are using the benefit system how it should be used, a safety net for short term/temporary hardship. We need to get honest about our long term beneficiaries and tell them the free ride is over and they have to pay their way. It isn’t just their lack of working and contributing, these druggies are often commiting crimes on the side to fund their lifestyle, so innocent people are becoming victims of their drug taking. The money would be better of helping those struggling with sickness than supporting the lazy.

Author: revisionisteditor

Editor in charge of Revisionist Media.

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