Anything for European culture is seen as racist There are Maori student associations, Pacifica student associations, Chinese student associations, Indian student associations and no one screams racism but a European student association pops up and it is racist.

They obviously didn’t do themselves any favors using wording and logos associated with white supremacy groups but what they are saying could be true, it could be as a publicity stunt to promte the group. Personally I think this was a risky move, you could be struck down before you start. On the other hand, as Mr Trump says, “There is no such thing as overexposure” – his campaign proved this to be true, so maybe doing something a bit risky to get exposure and interest to get numbers up was exactly what they needed. They do have a logo of hands with many different colours – so it does look inclusive rather than excluding based on colour and they do say that they welcome people of all races.

I guess in a way any group based on race or excluding a race is racist because that is what racist means. Why is it always white people who are accused of being racist? Others are racist too. If I didn’t have a friend who was South Africa I would be completely unaware of the situation going on there We get daily reports on what Trump has done and trying to tell us that his policies are racist (like trying to deport illegals and stop more illegals coming in – NOTE – NZ already  does this, we just have a giant moat which makes it harder for illegals to get in. Are we racist? I think we have a strict immigration criteria that is not based on race but based on the countries need to fill certain jobs and import certain skills. That is not racist. It’s smart. We already do it so it would be hypocritical to call Trump racist). So whilst the news media are trying to convince us that Trump is racist for having policies our country already has – and that we value, they are ignoring an actual story of racism. 

When I was at University I trawled through the scholarships available and there wasn’t one I could even apply for. 90% were based on what race you were, mostly for Maori and Pacifica, the others were for disability or if your parents worked for a certain company. I couldn’t even apply for a scholarship. Thought they were supposed to be based on good grades or participation in the community, not race.
The article says all cultures are welcome. Instead of jumping to conclusions and making accusations of the group, why doesn’t Sarah actually go and check it out and see if her suspicions are accurate. If they are acting like a white supremacy group then she can complain. At the moment she is making unfounded accusations – could they not sue her for defamation?

So the name, European association, what does that even mean? They say that anyone can join but if we assume that only people who are European join we would have: Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Britain (or will Brexiting exclude them?), Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Austria, Italy, Monoco, Luxembourg – I’m getting tired of typing, so I looked it up There are 44 countries in Europe. The countries all have different races, different religions and different colours. Plus most forms call us Kiwis NZ European – so assuming it includes countries that were formed with immigrants from these European countries we can include NZ, Australia, Canada and America. So how is a group that says it is welcome to all and is celebrating the culture of about 50 countries more racist than the group that caters to just Maori? I just don’t get this logic.

When these student associations were formed they were to support minority students, that is why it wasn’t seen as being racist but inclusive. To try and make minorities feel welcome in an infamiliar environment. I used to go to AUT and I belonged to the gym at Auckland Uni, I can confidently say that the European group is now just as much a minority as the Indian or Chinese student association. I don’t have statistical numbers to back this up, just a visual guess, and sometimes it’s is hard to visually be certain of someone’s culture, especially as so many people are of mixed decent, but I can tell you statistically the data from my son’s primary school because the data was just in the newsletter – over 50% of the school identified themselves as Asian. At my oldest son’s Kindy there were only 3 kids who had white skin. When I look back at my Kindy photos there were only 3 kids with dark skin and similar statistics for my primary school. The racial make up of NZ is changing.

Why not give this group a chance? Why is every other group based on race not racist but a group for Europeans is racist? Is the fact that this group makes the news not evidence of the racism against Europeans in this country?

Author: revisionisteditor

Editor in charge of Revisionist Media.

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