The Greens would send us broke.
The Greens have released their policy and yet again, it makes no sense. The Greens want to pay people who don’t work Paid Parental Leave and out of school care. Paid Parental Leave is when you take leave from a JOB, if you don’t have a job you can’t take time off from it. If you are not working, then you shouldn’t be having a child as you can’t afford it, and those not working who can afford a child don’t need the Paid Parental Leave anyway. It makes sense to encourage people who can’t afford kids to have kids, that just breds poverty, as does encouraging students to have kids. Students should be encouraged to graduate and get some work experience before having a child. There comes a point you have to contribute not bounce from a student benefit to Paid Parental Leave.

OSCAR – which is after school and school holiday care is there in response to a need by working parents. Their work hours don’t fit in with their work schedule so they need to put their kids into care so they can finish their work day or keep working during school holidays. This is not a problem beneficiaries have as they have no pesky job to get in the way of them caring for their kids. They should not be getting subsidized care. It’s really just a tax break for workers because they have an additional cost associated with doing their job – again not something beneficiaries need to worry about, it just gives them a break from their kids. Think about that from the point of view of someone who races home from work, collecting the kids on the way, and then needs to cook their dinner and give them and any preschoolers they have a bath before bed – these workers aren’t getting a holiday from their kids, they are working hard and dealing with peak hour traffic.

And the sleeping pods – these are essentially a bassinet that you put in the bed and cost around $100 Does the Greens leader have shares in the company that makes them?A baby would have grown out of it by the time they are 6 months old so the parents still need to buy a cot. Babies can go straight into cots if people can’t afford bassinets so simply wasteful. You don’t want a 6 month old in a bed by that age they can roll yet don’t know the danger of falling – so cots are essential, bassinets are optional

Every single policy in their ‘Budget for all Mothers’ is an epic failure and hugely wasteful. If you want to help mothers give a tax break on house cleaners, then they can afford some help and get a break. Their ideas are just a handout to the very people who already get handouts and shouldn’t be having more kids so don’t offer them more encouragement.

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