Different rules for different people?

Why is it on the TV show Border Control people have whole suitcases filled with food and no declaration for it get a warning and this family, <a href=”http://i.stuff.co.nz/travel/travel-troubles/92967401/mpi-issued-a-400-fine-for-having-fruit-but-a-judge-thought-it-warranted-20&#8243;, declared they may have food and then got caught with food got a $400 fine? I can see how a person can forget a piece of fruit they had on the plane or that their child ate and they had no knowledge of, that should be a warning, but those people who have piles of food and then say they don’t speak English – irrelevant given the forms are printed in their own language to make sure everyone understands – gets fined. This makes me angry. The Border Control shows are always catching a certain group of people, Asians, with food and they always get off on the Border Security show yet these guys are fined – seems really unfair actually it seems racist. Last time I felt someone was unfairly fined was 12 years ago, Hilary Swank, again a white woman, got fined for an orange and an apple that she forgot her husband had packed for her https://www.theguardian.com/world/2005/mar/31/filmnews.film. The lack of consistency of our border control staff angers me. The scenarios that are shown on Border Security are far more serious and deliberate but they are let off yet those which were clearly accidents not deliberate acts of deception get huge fines. It’s just wrong. I can understand leniency to mistakes with a warning that they will be fined again but suitcases of food and no declaration should always be fined. They don’t take the risk serious enough and yes, the risk of the fruit was a serious one too but most crimes accidents are treated less harshly than deliberate acts – like murder versus manslaughter. I think they have things around the wrong way when fining both Hilary and this family.

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