Stop putting down the stay at home mum!
As shocking as it may sound, sometimes stories aren’t about you. Sometimes they are but sometimes they aren’t but this lady went crazy because it was a story about a mum being home for her child after school and that didn’t fit with their family situation.  What made me crazy about her story is she gets state funded after school care. I don’t get state funded after school care and I have 5 kids so working hours which would need me to pay for after school care won’t be a possibility for me for a long time unless I want to work for free or pay to be working, so I will be at home after school for my kids. I don’t judge people who aren’t but I don’t expect them to judge me and the fact that she needs to change the story makes me feel that she looks down on my decision to be a stay at home mum – I do work too by the way, but I work around my kids schedule. I worked full time before kids, 3 days a week after my first and various hours after my second – not many hours but enough so my CV isn’t empty. I enjoyed work and I hope to get back to more work once all my kids are at school, but as I said, given I am not entitled to state funded after school care because my husband is on a good income and given my husband often works away, caring for the kids is down to me and because I don’t have the skills to be on an insanely high hourly rate, I’m going to need to be there for my kids after school and during school holidays.

Personally I think she should be focused on her kids rather than putting down others situations. When my son comes home with a story that doesn’t match our life it doesn’t bother me, people are different. But it bothers me that a mum looks down on stay at home mums. There is nothing wrong with our choices, everyone’s situation is different, take away state funded childcare and she might find herself standing on the opposite side of the fence too. So be respectful of others choices. Me and my husband made our life choices and we pay our own way – we get no state benefits to help us with our kids, so kind of insulting for someone who gets free after school care to insult our way of doing things as if she lived in our country my husband’s hard earned taxes would be contributing to her luck of getting funded childcare whilst we have me working for free to provide ours.

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