Why is commonsense so uncommon?

A judge in the UK waited until she was residing on her last case to give this advise: Drinking to excess or taking drugs makes you more vulnerable to be targeted as a victim of crime. Drunk woman make things easier for rapists. Yet there was backlash against her comments. The judge said it is never the  victim is at fault just that there are things that you can do to make yourself less likely to be attacked. She’s right. This makes sense. Why are we attacking the judge for such good advise? It’s about time we wise up. People who are drunk shouldn’t be taken advantage of but they do make easy targets so the baddies out there are going to look for those who have let their guard down. Even the victim agrees with the judge. So why do we always bash the voice of reason? Let’s face it, men get drunk too and they do stupid things without thinking clearly. If the woman is so drunk she can’t remember what happened is it not possible that a man can get that drunk too and do something they normally wouldn’t sober? I’m not a big fan of alcohol but believe if you must drink to excess do it in the company of friends and family so you have people who love you looking out for you. I agree with this judge. We have a responsibility to ourselves to drink responsibly so we are less at risk of being a victim of crime and so we stay healthy as alcohol causes liver damage. We also have a social responsibility to look out for people who are drunk and to keep them safe – put them in a taxi so they get home safe, take their keys away if they are threatening to drive, call a family member to collect them, be aware, be present and act responsibly. Don’t let a night of alcohol ruin your life.

Author: revisionisteditor

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