Those who pay the most in tax miss out.
This makes me angry. The decile system is plain wrong. Here we have a group of people who assuably pay the most tax as that’s what makes them a Decile 10 school, missing out. A school needs a school hall. They don’t have one. They should get one. Funding should never be based on the income of the parents and if it was it should be the opposite, those who pay the most for the service should get the most, not the least. We have these resilient kids missing out but they will still probably do better than Decile One schools because they learn if you want something in life you have to earn it. Money grows on trees in the Decile One zones. The parents at the high Decile schools work all week only to be asked to fundraisers at the weekend and to pay the highest fees. The Decile system needs to be scrapped. Every school should get the same amount of funding for a standard pupil and additional funding should be based on professionally approved need, like diagnosis of ADHD, autism or dyslexia for example. Fund on the need, not on the income. They try and fund the Decile One schools extra to make up for the shortfall of the parents but it will fail as the number one influencer on kids is their parents. They see how they live and if they see work hard and achieve, that’s what they will likely follow. If they see don’t bother and get given, then that’s the path they’ll likely take. Throwing money at Decile One schools won’t achieve the goal they desire so make the system fairer. Stop one group of people paying three times over (taxes, fees, fundraising) for a service that others get for free. It maybe that this school would still need to fundraiser to get their school hall even if there was fair funding, but you don’t mind fundraising to fill the shortfall, it’s a different story to fundraisers because you are not getting your fair allocation of funding.

Author: revisionisteditor

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