Criminals deserve to be deported.
Seriously, are we supposed to feel sorry for this guy because he’s getting deported to New Zealand when all his family is in Australia? The guy assulted someone causing their glasses to get embedded in their eye, hit someone with a golf club, hit someone in a face with a bottle, assulted a taxi driver then set his car – the possession that supports the taxi drivers family, on fire. You know who I feel sorry for? His victims! You don’t recover quickly from glass in the eye, can he still see? Can you imagine the pain his victims went through? Do they still have scars from their attacks? Or any long term injuries such as brain damage from being punched or hit with a golf club? And the guy thinks his offending is minor! I think the victim impact statements would show the offending was not minor. Was the cab driver okay to go back to work? You can understand him being scared to and if he did, how many days work did he lose from not having a vehicle? I’m hoping he was insured but he was still out the excess and loss of business insurance would be a lot for a cab driver so unlikely have that would just have to suck up the loss. He’d have to wait on the insurance payout and then wait on getting the trip metre and probably security cameras after that experience. Silao Sau doesn’t even sound sorry for his crimes. Its not fair on his family. Wrong! It’s not fair on the victims that he hurt and their families for him to stay in their country. He was a guest and he is no longer wanted. If Sau’s family want to be near him then they can move to Australia. 

I don’t want him in NZ. He clearly isn’t rehabilitated, he says he will fall back into crime if he comes to NZ. We should just have an island for these type of people that both NZ and Australia don’t want. I don’t want our people to be put at risk. But he is a citizen of our country so we have no choice. Australia has a choice and I salute them to protecting their citizens. Can we have this policy here?

Author: revisionisteditor

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