Criminals compensation should go to their victims or a crime prevention charity.
Phillip Smith killed the father of a boy he molested and now he gets a payout for $3,500 because Corrections wouldn’t let him wear a toupee because it’s his human right to wear a wig. When he used the wig to disguise himself to escape the country he should have lost the right to the toupee but no. Our soft touch justice system is paying him $3,500 for the indignity of not having his toupee, not wearing a toupee is nothing like the indignity he inflicted on his victim and their family. I’m disgusted that the taxpayer pays for this. He didn’t even use to wear a toupee so it’s not like he hadn’t been seen without one.

Why are we so relaxed with evil criminals? Why are we so lacking in respect for victims? Why do criminals have more rights than victims? Who pays for them to sue? The money should be confiscated for the victim, their family or for a charity that relates to the crime – something like Lifeline that supports others. We are paying to keep this guy fed, a roof over his head – he has cost us enough. I don’t want to see prisoners abused but not wearing a toupee is not abuse. The ruling should only determine if it’s against his human rights to see if he can wear in the future. This is mad enough, without backdating retribution for his imaginary hardship. Nothing he goes through will compare to his victim and their family’s suffering. We really need to show more respect to the victims of crime, not those committing crime.

Author: revisionisteditor

Editor in charge of Revisionist Media.

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